Despite enormous wealth and a robust economy urban inequality and disparity persists. As a result, communities are facing increasing challenges of affordable housing, displacement, health and economic opportunity.

The Bond Center for Urban Futures’ imperative is to address this.



" I have always viewed architecture as a social art... about values, culture and power. Underlying my own design is a concern with social uplift."

J. Max Bond

We have a responsibility to listen, learn, interrogate and translate the core social values that ensure healthy equitable communities. We believe this must be performed with integrity and an accountability to the very communities we seek to serve.

The J. Max Bond Center is committed to continuing Max’s work to ensure equal opportunity through

the pursuit of social and spatial justice.

We seek to create a built urban environment that represents safe, stable communities.

We are the purveyors, orchestrators, visionaries of equitable and achievable urban futures.


“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

R. Buckminster Fuller
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